About us

MMS WOMAN OF FORTUNE HALL OF FAME (WOFHOF) Initiative also known as MMS HALL OF FAME is a registered non-profit initiative founded with the aim of empowering women in the society through various means which include, discovering and celebrating the sterling qualities and contributions  of a selected women in Africa for impaction the younger generations and their environment. It has its registration details as CAC/IT/No. 94998

It is therefore a hall of women of virtues, creativity, morality, professionalism, leadership capacity, courage, mentorship inclination and above all, enviable womanhood for good home management.


These inspirational symbols are mirror for today’s women and generations unborn hence they are called MMS Hall of Famers with suffix – MHF.


Role modeling, Capacity building and Leadership have been our focus in reaching our objectives.


Since established in 2012, over 50 women of unquantifiable substance have been inducted into the MMS Hall of Fame, which has interest across all sectors of the economy, for now, in Maritime, Finance, Aviation, Logistics, Political leadership and Oil and Gas industries.


We keep identifying and assembling women of substance in Africa who are role models and mentors with whom the mentees are paired for guidance. We galvanize women into cooperatives for entrepreneurial and financial empowerment.         


With nine Governing Council members and four Board of Trustee members, it has the collaboration of the Federal Ministry of Women Affairs and Social Development (FMWA), which has a permanent representation on the Council.


Our initiative has undertaken the capacity building of women in various sectors of economy. This informed our Vision 5W-250,000, which is conceived to empower 50, 000 women yearly for a period of five years. Under this scheme, business grants are given to women evidently in need of funds to grow their business, scholarship are given to the deserving people while regular quarterly business management seminars are held for micro business owners with quick  capital dispensed under the MMS WoFHoF Micro Credit Scheme. 


With active focus on female gender matters, the introduction of its outreach scheme: Women In Leadership and Career Empowerment Programme (WILCEP) Africa has further endeared it to both women and men across the globe.


Under WILCEP Africa, we match-make mentors and mentees on a rare privileged one-on-one mentorship guide. The mentors, the MMS Hall of Famers are women of no mean pedigrees in different fields of their professions, who rose to the top by dint of hard work and humility. There are also other training menu for corporate bodies, schools, associations and individuals.


Well-meaning corporate institutions and schools with years of track records in academics and schools with years of track records in academics and scholarship have found this mentorship programme useful.


WILCEP AFRICA: a one-on-one training and mentorship platform for students, graduates and career making women in Africa.


Two mentorship candidates have been given scholarship for entrepreneurial training to china, while several others got scholarship opportunity  to begin career and be trained in the aviation industry through the  WILCEP AFRICA mentorship programme


Yet, we are not relenting. Join the train of change for more…
What we do

Gender Based Advocacy.

Our Vision

To discover, mould, celebrate and impact women for gainful change.

Our Mission

Taking confidence, professionalism and virtues to every door-step; Talking strength to lift one another in every situation.

Our Objectives

* Advocacy

*Gap analysis and training


*Gender data management

*Seed empowerment for women

*leadership and political Perticipation

Calendar of events

We hold series of Fundraising event as well as Mentorship and Leadership events.

1st Quarter

March 2020

Hall of Famer's Day and Testimonials of Empowerment (International Women's Day)

Awareness Road Walk on International Womens Day

2nd Quarter

May 2020

Entrepreneurial & Mentorship Class WILCEP Africa for Students, Retirees, Serving Career women etc.

June 2020

Women Co-operative Seed Empowerment

3rd Quarter

June 2020

Meeting of Council Members

4th Quarter

October 2020

International Day of then Girls Child.

MMS WOFHOF Conference, Induction and Exhibition for selected professional women, Government agencies, Corporate bodies and Individuals

December 2020

BOT Meeting

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